See how Progressive Geothermal Solutions can help with energy savingsUnderneath your lawn is a hidden, untapped and unlimited supply of renewable energy – geothermal energy. To access this environmentally friendly resource, one only has to use a geo-exchange system to extract heat from the ground to heat a building. In the warmer months, that same system can be reversed to provide air conditioning.

We at Progressive Geothermal Solutions are trained and certified through the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). Located in and serving northwestern BC we can assess, design and install a geothermal heating/cooling system to meet your project needs.

There are a number of different methods of capturing geothermal energy. Whether it is an open loop, a closed loop, a horizontal or vertical loop, there is a method to utilize earth’s geothermal energy potential in the most effective manner for your location.

If your are interested in learning more about the financial and environmental benefits of a geothermal heating system, contact us at Progressive Geothermal Solutions.